As individual as you.

The Porsche Macan is developed and built for an intensive life – for new challenges, experiences and thrills. A concept that allows for almost infinite customisation options, giving it an unmistakable character, as individual as you.

In keeping with this principle, we sent German photographer Florian W. Mueller on a free-spirited journey to discover the experiences that resonates with him and capture his individual interpretation of a Life Intensified moment, featuring four custom-coloured Macans.

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    Take pictures like a pro.

    5 Tips by Florian W. Mueller

    1. Patience.

    Take your time. Patience is a virtue. While shooting the Lava Orange Macan in Taipei we had to wait until the rain stopped and focus on a 10 minutes window where the light was perfect.

    Shooting for a high-profile project can be stressful but it’s good to take a step back sometimes, breath and re-focus. Think before you shoot. Get a feeling for the situation, the motive, take your time.

    2. Instinct.

    Trust your gut instinct. When we were looking for the right location for the Riviera Blue Macan, we stumbled across an area near the old city of Taipei. And instantly I fell in love with that place. It felt right. And the final result shows it was the perfect location. When you see a nice building and wonder how it looks from another angle? Go for it!

    3. Have fun!

    Working as a photographer can be stressful, you are responsible, you have to make decisions. But never forget what a great opportunity this job is, to work with fantastic people and for an extraordinary client like Porsche.

    Enjoy it! Try some unusual perspectives. Unfamiliarity generates curiosity. Use the worm's- and the bird's-eye view. Use props. Use your creativity!

    4. Back up!

    In the age of digital photography, the loss of data is my greatest fear. Use small memory cards, back up to at least two hard drives and if you can to a cloud you can trust. If you love your pictures, be sure they do not get lost.

    5. Be open minded.

    The beaten path seems to be the safest. But it's boring. There's more than foodporn and nice sun downs. Try Macro-photography, multiple exposures, long time exposures, coloured flashlights (e.g just some colour-foil on your flash, even on the iphone).

    See how Florian W. Mueller capture the essence of Taipei with his primary subject being the Porsche Macan.

    About Florian W. Mueller

    Florian W. Mueller is an internationally awarded photographer with a love of searching the unusual in the ordinary and a passion for creating pictures that almost demand an interaction with the beholder. Since 2013 Florian W. Mueller is a professional member of the honorable BFF – The Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Creators - and works as a photographer and artist homebased in Cologne, Germany.