As individual as you.
The Porsche Macan.

Photography Masterclass in Penang, Malaysia

Marking the finale of the Macan #LifeIntensified contest, the first Porsche Photography Masterclass welcomed participants from Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand to Penang — awarding outstanding photographs that had been shared on Instagram, inspired by the motto “Life Intensified”.

Conducted by master photographer Florian W. Mueller, the group discovered the secrets behind taking award-winning photos as they journeyed through the vibrant setting of Malaysia’s island city.

Part of the program, the participants also enjoyed a tour of the newly established Porsche Centre Penang, providing the opportunity to learn all about the near infinite individualization options of the Macan.

Life intensified.

Every Macan is exceptional, with its own distinctive personality and character. You can make it even more special — to reflect your lifestyle and personality. Add a splash of colour and give your car that extra performance. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to personalizing your Macan.

Give the Macan your personality